Photo credit: Nathan Keay

Chicago artist Katherine Nemanich received early intensive training in calligraphy and music that brought her a lifetime interest in both, which she uses conceptually in making her art. Also, as a result of her love of Renaissance and Baroque music, she built two harpsichords and a clavichord, replicas of 17th century keyboard instruments.

A former teacher and editor, she has developed a keen interest in the evolution of language and how, even in unrelated cultures, written forms and symbols share visual features—in their contours, in shape, and in number of strokes per character. These written forms and their universality also inform her art.

Katherine Nemanich received her Certificate in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and B.A. cum laude in Plastic and Graphic Arts, from the University of Illinois, Chicago, College of Architecture and Art. She exhibits her sculpture and 3-D wall installations in juried gallery and museum shows, including Bridgeport, Hyde Park, and Beverly Art Centers in Chicago. Solo shows include Riverside Art Center FlexSpace and ARC Gallery, Chicago. She is a member of the critique group Dialogue Chicago, and her work has been reviewed in publications including Newcity Chicago.